How to make an order of wholesale caps and hats?

How to make a deal of wholesale caps and hats? How to import caps and hats from other countries? Cap factory here teach you, there are many considerations you must pay attentions on caps and hats wholesale, hats wholesaling is similar to other cargo , especially apparel wholesale, communication between wholesalers and manufacturers is the first consideration among of many places where need to be aware of. Below are the 3 points important for caps hats wholesaling, just take a look.

 1. To assure the quality of the hats and caps.

 Because the hat in the end is to sell to consumers, so must be very attention on the quality of the hat, whe you try to make a wholesale cap order,firstly you should try to choose large manufacturers, when choosing large hats manufacturers they will have a guarantee in quality and style. Like our China cap factory :, who have been exporting countless caps and hats to many countries, especially in US and EU market, clients can click here : wholesale cap China to see some of our old clients.

 2. Sample/Model corresponding with practical initial design

 Before making the bulk of order,the hats wholesale factory usually would provide a final confirmed sample, if clients were satisfied with the sample, vendors can batch production, which requires the need to pay attention to when hat wholesale sample is matched with actual design or your artwork provided.When you are making some complicated styles, normally customer need to provide the first design artwork,stating the specifications of the size, demensions, logo, pictures, application of logo or designs so that our manufacturer can make a sample first, then accroding to next further instructions of clients and revise the sample agian and agian till final sample approved.As we have 15 years of experience in this industry, normally client provides us a logo ok, we will make all the rest things well to you.

 3. Pay attention to the hot styles on Wholesale caps and hats

Overall speaking, cutomers should pay attention to the hot styles of caps and hats, which is suitable to the current season and fashion, making the hat wholesale orders consistent with the current trends of design, selecting the hot styles of caps and hats, such ability can attract consumers to buy. Customer can also pay attention to the trend direction now, fashion sense is very strong factor on hat. In addition to these, on the question of hat wholesale many needs to be aware of, such as transportation, delivery time and how much cargo. We have our cooperated well forwarder as have been exporting caps and hats over decade, so competitive pricing, fast delivery, well packed conditions will be provided , for sure.All you need to to , is to contact us for one – stop-shop! Just enjoy your on line wholesale journey!

Different usages of different caps and hats

Sun hat is an essential part of everyone who loves outdoor sports accessories. Sun hat can be a very good protect our face from sunlight exposure, at the same time this can be a very good cover the stimulation of light to the eyes, some different jobs need sun hat to protect your eyes, prevent emergency to light stimuli can’t see the operation of equipment and so on. Sun hat material should be carefully selected, also has a very good role in uv irradiation. Sun hat design style diverse, elegant texture, street mashup, lie fallow, even second-hand goods all have different flavor restoring ancient ways, in the spring tide of exquisite mix building a style, is a hot item for tie-in sex is extremely strong. As long as the hair along with the gender of the scratch lines, wearing a hat, a belongs only to the movement of the summer sun breath arises spontaneously.

We,China cap factory, here introduces another popular cap to you: the baseball cap. The rise of baseball cap is mainly coming from the United States, baseball game and popular in the United States at the time, every defensive players wearing a baseball cap, so a lot of fans also likes to wear his love for the team logo and style of hat. Baseball cap not only can protect the defensive player in the game for free the shine of the sun, at the same time, appearance is very cool. Now baseball cap is not only in baseball, baseball caps can also be found in golf, its just the adornment style of atmospheric gentleman loved sports very much loved by the people. For more information of baseball cap, please visit our website: a professinal cap site to see more, you can also directly visit :China baseball cap to see more about baseball cap.

Set of head cap is a women-only curl hair hat before, now has become a decoration and warm essential hat.

Hat factory overview, berets as one of the few soft berets, usually as some national army rangers, special forces and personnel sign of airborne troops. Beret is easy to fold, not afraid of extrusion, and the advantages of easy to carry, beautiful, also easy to coat a helmet. Berets are popular among the general public because of its cool modelling and forces caused by the impact on ordinary people, wearing a beret make you look more resolute flat and agile.

love a cap more in winter

love a cap more in winter

China cap factory teaches you how to choose a right winter cap/winter hats :  Though the differences of only one step from adding a crucial touch to spoiling the effect by adding what is superfluous, we have never given a discount to the fondness of the accessories. The cap is the most powerful accessories of winter, the winter protection is cold-proof, put and make coolly colorful, cap even design, can also make it warm more ensure, but cap can ignore either as one independent function of individual.

With the years, we seldom go to try to specially set up the style of doing alone in those, have belonged to the choice of the cap gradually too generously and properly. It is the element that has the season sense very much to be knitting, the simple whorl mixes pure color, gentle and graceful and restrained, add some fold one vie for eyes sign more.

When it wrap hair can and cap cooperation,it set off it last face advantages small, pitch to have been still designs such a the most close when not standing up hair. The stripe is unreconciled to the gray one low-keyly, and we have played and played hide-and-seek, the innocent and artless winter of remedying that want to use for childhood is desolate and indifferent.

Peaked cap spend inspired passage of crucial touch absolutely well, sketch the contours of, belong to eastern melon seed face of woman alone together with scarf long hair, there is unrestrainedness then with western one share unruly. The coffee color is originally extremely foreign flavour color, on slice is pieced together among them, reflecting the warmth of the sunshine.

Pile fine hair patent for winter, pile cap of fine hair do something for the occasion very much, have another of heavy snow right away getting wonderful. Knitting some changes because pile feeling of fine hair too plump, must anything come, set off clear winter complex to show cap a little.

In the cold winter, the cap or hat is one of the most influential accessories, warm warm, beautiful, be cool hooded design can let more security, warm but hat role as an independent individual also cannot be ignored.
If knitted caps are the elements of the season, simple thread with pure color, tenderness gracefuls and restrained, add a little fold is a sign that grabs an eye, is also very warm in the winter, if the hair is covered with working and hat, when will foil a little face, your hair up or the design the most intimate.
If the fuzzy is winter’s patent, fluffy hat has distinguishing feature very much, have a very warm feeling.
If cap with good absolutely is the pen that the god that make the finishing point, and shawls long hair with the outline of the frame of only belong to the Oriental woman, there is a western free and easy. Brown was originally a very exotic colors, sequins collage among them, reflecting the warmth of the sun.

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