Popular baseball caps in Asia !

Here to introduce a few very hot in recent years, I also like the hot baseball cap styles!


Popular baseball caps in Asia !


1、2020ave (priceRMB 90-150)

The 2020 is a young brand foreign girls who love most, somewhat similar to the zara, but the price is lower than Zara. Follow the same fashion line with Zara, 2020ave is complete and close to the trend of a single product. So their baseball cap is not only of many styles, but also the latest hot style

The most popular is this “bad hair day” personalized slogan


  • millitage premium (RMB:100-200)

This is a Korean hat par tide brand, by also many young people love them, GD has not yet launched its personal brand PEACEMINUSONE ,which is the hottest style of this brand, let’s look forward to it.




And the Ring Metal Cap with rings is also very popular


  1. R.SHEMISTE (RMB:500-800)

This is also a brand new trend of Korea, a little expensive, and very few styles, but each one is an explosion, although exceeded $60, but it still every popular and here I can not help but to introduce. This is the original design of hottest style “Ring Metal Cap” this 2 years.



This year also comt out a super personality tags, a good style see below,


  1. STEREO VINYLS (RMB:100-300)

This is a brand, which was founded in London in 2012 by a group of designers in London team, took only 3 years to become a Hallyu star famous brand favorite. From clothing to hat walk street fashion style, often with insulation brand or celebrity cooperation . There is no exception on their caps as well, there are many styles and each of them is very unique.



The new masterpiece is NOU NOU series, which was an cooperation between the French artist Jean Jullien’s , those caps inserted a line of expression simple face, humorous and casual, looking down and you will expose the inner world.



  1. REMAKE (RMB:40-400)

This is a Japanese brand, but also a lot of fans love and follow brand. Especially their baseball caps, with many styles, and many of them are the current popular models, you can also find a lot of luxury accessories and branded alternative models in their home. The above mentioned Long Strap Cap which became popular by GD’s wearing, you can still find many similar in their shops.

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