How to choose a woman hat?

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Within many years round in foreign countries, So the foreign brands I recommend are certainly better than others. The main styles are mainly recommended in this article, because a good style often is more important than a brand, really hope this can bring you more ideas that how to choose a woman hat.
In fact, choosing the hat is a very personal thing, everyone faces different hairstyle temperament problem, weather or not suitable for wearing a hat is firstly a problem; suitable for wearing what kind of hat that is also another problem. Fortunately I belong to the guy who is especially suitable for wearing a hat , so I am always joking that must be a hat design problems if my wearing a hat is certainly not good-looking (really is a joke!).
Below I recommend 3 brands.


The classic Italy brand, there are stores in each big city of Italy, in some other European countries also have stores. Then it is New York and Tokyo. I especially love the hat, the first number is very small, the quality is very good, then what color, style is classic. And my own words must have the following basic hat style:

a.A big cowboy style hat

This hat is my favorite, which must be big enough leading to a natural drape. I think this one is basically impossible to make a mistake, with a long woolen coat, casual style, belonging to the hat that every day it can be used.

B. classic flat brim slightly narrow brimmed hats


A relatively narrow words is a test face, basically face lift and angular more appropriate (see chart model), fat face shouldn’t try.
This hat is my favorite, which must be big enough natural drape can. I think this one is basically impossible to make a mistake, with a long woolen coat, casual style, belonging to every day can be used on the hat.

C. Vintage Ladies Hat


The revision is very popular in Europe and the United States in 60s when the hat, synonymous with elegance. This hat is the main pick, pick is temperament. The best collocation is a sleeveless dress with the same vintage 50s or 60s, then wear a long glove; or is directly coupled with vintage suit skirt, a pair of simple fine with pumps. some similar reference:




d. men’s peaked cap


One of my winter standard, is actually in the male cap category, but the number of Borsalino, so there are relatively small for female choice. How collocation? Really all-match, online casual search point pictures for your reference.


A very low-profile small German brand, knitted hats are firstly recommend , simple and warm with good quality. Some European boutiques sold inside their in door hats, otherwise I don’t really know where to buy.
a. bobble hat


Theis style I bought the red one, in fact, these hats are in the sale of the key to the high streets and back lanes, the quality is good, or not wearing a rotten, so as not to buy it. The best of course is cashmere and animal fur decorated POM POM (hat on top of the ball).
b. Knit Beret


If the fabric is not the wool then is not good, But I think up this knitting style will be more casual, more people are also suitable for daily wear, so I really recommended.
3.Eugenia Kim





A designer from New York, a lot of hat is a model with the combination of function and fashion, a brand I personally love. Her works a little stick:

With the above style, in fact, each of the big brands will be a classic style hat, Loro Piana, Hermes max, Mara and other brands will have some good. Popular words in Anglo American students suggested to pay attention to Anthropologie, cheap price and good quality; while in the United States, goorin Bros. went to criticizm (Canada also store) ~ in the domestic students, you have everything a treasure!

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