Some taboos of wearing a hat

How to wear a hat well? It seems a simple question but actually, there might be some points you don’t pay attention to , well, here we ‘re gonna make some advice for this “simple question” , how to wear a cap well and right ?Not too loose or too tight on the size of the hat , this is to match with your head. If the hat is too small to wear, even you get it done finally, you will still find it too tight, uncomfortable in the head, affecting the blood circulation of the head as well. If the hat is too large, the result of you wearing this is that, you will feel it not warm, and easy to fall off. The general choice of hat, should take into account the size of the head circumference, shrink hair for change the volume and hat after washing. Young people are in the developmental glowing stage, with generous old hat; candidates should pay attention to the practical; winter hat should choose soft and comfortable one, which is light and warm; summer hat should be with light, ventilation normally with light color. Avoid long wearing, do not try to wash the scalp rich sebaceous glands, especially young, sebum secretion and Perspire on the dust absorption, the brim or lining greasy filth, smell, which is a good breeding environment for saprophytic fungus lipophilic. This kind of dirty hat worn on the head, you will find it is easy for the scalp folliculitis caused by friction. Moreover, after sweat volatile corrosive, it ‘s easy to make the hat crisp, fade and damage as well.
So, the hat after a period of time, soapy water and a soft brush using warm wash, and then rinse clean warm water or hot water. In order to facilitate cleaning, this can also be a piece of thin cotton piece in the hat, so it can be often washed for convenience. However, water is not available, airtight plastic cloth do lining, because it is not conducive to the head of health care.

Bogey free hat in winter, you should pay attention not to be a free hat. For example running after sweating, or just getting into the high temperate of the room, if you take off the hat, it is easy for the body heat from the head spreading quickly, leading to colds. Another taboos is that, we never suggest you borrow someone else’s hat , which is the worng way and the long suffering from other people or tinea capitis infectious diseases, often with a hat germs. Just borrow someone else’s hat, is likely to be infected with the head imperceptibly. To avoid disease throughout the hat with the head of the disease (Huang Xuan) who, for fear others see indecent, often throughout the year to wear a hat, the sick head Part of the cover tightly. In fact, this is not scientific. If someone is doing so, the head of long-term lack of sunlight in the ultraviolet sunlight, can not make the play of destruction, ringworm of the scalp bacteria inhibition; two is bad for the head of the air circulation, it will create favorable conditions for the growth of pathogenic bacteria, which is not conducive to the head disease recovery. Also, to avoid hat for other hat which is worn on the head to keep warm, health care products, but not for other purposes. Some people take a hat sometimes when the cushion, sometimes when the cloth blowing dust, and then immediately put on the head, this is not scientific. After the hair is not dry on the bogey hat from the bathroom or haircut, not Less people often ranging from the hair is dry, it will be the hat on his head, intended to prevent wind and cold, in fact it is not a good way. In TCM, head of the human body Yang convergence where the brain is the sea of marrow, talent is part of the “Zhuyang will be” fine “. Yang Fu said.” it is not “evil” invasion, especially not containing “wet illness” invasion( Chinese Medical saying) . “Due to wet evil”, the most easily hurt Yang, stagnation of blood. Wet evil invasion leader, will lead to dull heavy lassitude. If the wet wet head, wearing a hat, then wet evil no loose hair, many times, it will produce the symptoms. So, don’t rush to wear a head when wet Hat, after the hair dry, and then wear a hat is appropriate, to avoid from “wet illness” harm. All this were written by caps China