Sunny cap options in this summer

In the summer, the sunlight is strong and it’s very hot as we know, under the strong sunlight people all would like to have a sun hat or umbrellas and the sun hat here we would like to talk about, normally be made by different materials, such as cotton, canvas, new functional materials, etc. There are so many kinds of fabric there, do you know which one is suitable to you? What is a good material to a sunny cap and how to choose sun hat?

What is the good material of sunny cap from analyses or recommendation from we cap China?
Generally speaking sunny cap is made of nylon and cotton, sometimes cotton blended and mesh, besides some of straw hats we saw. Hat is prevented bask in effect is the key to the size of the material density, which can be distinguished by the naked eye easily. Comparing with other sunny cap, meshing gauze cap and straw material density are the largest ones, while wearing is very cool too, but the camouflage effect of this hat is worst, prevent bask in the effect of all too clear; Cotton sunny caps prevent bask in coefficient of up to 1000 above, but the material is thicker, summer wearing is especially easy to perspire. Nylon cap material is qualitative light, which is very suitable for use in the summer, anti-UV protection is very good. If you don’t care exactly about cap shape, baseball cap China is still a good kind of cap for summer.
In addition to the material, we, China cap factory would like to recommend, choosing a right sunny cap, is also according to your own actual situation. If you use a sunny cap very frequently, such as the outdoor work, or traveling, better you should choose a wide-brimmed hat; Neck short guy better have a half and a narrow edge of hat ; Women with Long hair, best option is to wearing a wide-brimmed hat, which can get a good protection of your hair in the hot summer.

In conclusion, nylon sunhat sunscreen would be a best option as we saw normally.

China caps tell you at last, how to choose a sun hat?
The summer sun or high altitude with a sunshade cap of course. Commonly used cloth, straw, plastic, etc. Half spherical crown, some on the forehead or on both sides of the falbala. Lady’s hat behind a small cuttings ponchos in order to protect the neck; Men’s hat frontier starched tongue or equipped with the sun glasses. Some hat will be a stretch out canopy, called the peak. Wear a hat in different culture has different etiquette, it is especially important in western culture, because the hat is a symbol of social status in the past.