Different styles of wearing a hat

How to wear a hat in different styles? do you want to practice and attempt to balance various shapes and change the infinite fun when you are wearing a hat? Acutally if you are carefully enough you can make you deeply in love with a hat.

First of all, For example, a round flat hat, can “wear out” a lot of different appearance, off-center wearing, is wear, oblique. Each method has a different shape. All the hair into the hat, make you look fresh and associate; Put your hair down and appear delicate and refined. Can also be in the hat don’t nailed on pins, artificial flowers, or some beads, sequins, or even buttons, shell, such as a strange thing, can play odd tricks! Try to find a suitable round flat hat, can the multivariant style oh!

Secondly, hat factory, a brim hat also can change, such as change the ribbon, cloth, brim can grasp a variety of different angles.

Third, when buying a hat, in the shop to try the mirror, imagination can make several different modelling, side drill. Hatting factory prompted a hat method, if there are multiple and is fit for your face shape, is worth to spend money to take it home.

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