Fashion baseball caps in this spring 2016

What kind of baseball cap should match to garment to have fashion sense in 2016?
Baseball Cap – with features of a crown and visor, commonly known as duck nozzle cap. Brim from two to four inches, width is different.
Cap was originally hunters hunting hat, therefore, also known as hunting cap, because of its flat like a duck brim, therefore calls the cap.
Wear a cap, the orthodox is wearing. However, observe the duck tongue slant to the side of the head, or simply put a duck behind the brain, to reveal the full forehead, really is nifty and lovely, too.
In spring and summer of this year, cap began to have feeling of fashion movement combined with wind, many designers when designing clothing series of a sports emotional appeal all like to use a cap to match.
If you can feel the street modelling is too simple, might as well prepare a casual sport cap rocks, it is the good helper in your modelling, small don’t need too much decoration, cap can make your style XiuXianHua, handsome, but the cap should match what is the most good-looking?
1, cap + letters long fleece: letters of loose color matching gown has the same movement girlies oh, good collocation a stocking cap. Recreational gown, without visual conflicts with the hat, the collocation of heap heap of sox and casual shoes is also very stylish. Sunglasses are more handsome.
2, women’s cap + T-shirt + package hip skirt: cap and package hip skirt can also be separated on oh. Leisure loose pure color T-shirt match color bump hip skirt rich green color, mix with cap, with a pair of sneakers to balance the impact on the style is ok.
3, women’s cap + + dress cardigan coat: the collocation of dress and cardigan fleece is very athletic, give a person feel comfortable clever. Cap into more modelling.

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