Fashion baseball caps in this spring 2016

What kind of baseball cap should match to garment to have fashion sense in 2016?
Baseball Cap – with features of a crown and visor, commonly known as duck nozzle cap. Brim from two to four inches, width is different.
Cap was originally hunters hunting hat, therefore, also known as hunting cap, because of its flat like a duck brim, therefore calls the cap.
Wear a cap, the orthodox is wearing. However, observe the duck tongue slant to the side of the head, or simply put a duck behind the brain, to reveal the full forehead, really is nifty and lovely, too.
In spring and summer of this year, cap began to have feeling of fashion movement combined with wind, many designers when designing clothing series of a sports emotional appeal all like to use a cap to match.
If you can feel the street modelling is too simple, might as well prepare a casual sport cap rocks, it is the good helper in your modelling, small don’t need too much decoration, cap can make your style XiuXianHua, handsome, but the cap should match what is the most good-looking?
1, cap + letters long fleece: letters of loose color matching gown has the same movement girlies oh, good collocation a stocking cap. Recreational gown, without visual conflicts with the hat, the collocation of heap heap of sox and casual shoes is also very stylish. Sunglasses are more handsome.
2, women’s cap + T-shirt + package hip skirt: cap and package hip skirt can also be separated on oh. Leisure loose pure color T-shirt match color bump hip skirt rich green color, mix with cap, with a pair of sneakers to balance the impact on the style is ok.
3, women’s cap + + dress cardigan coat: the collocation of dress and cardigan fleece is very athletic, give a person feel comfortable clever. Cap into more modelling.

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How to weave a man hat?

Today, We, China caps teaches you to make a simple man hat by yourself.

First, mens hat weaving first starts from to 78 head sticthes, and then using a weaving method of up and down, knit line 8, and then add the needle, and until 102 sticthes, So it is one of the vertical lines can be finished.

Second, hat flower in the middle of the weave of time shoud go to twist, the second twist and twist, out the back four- repeat the above two process,So you can piece to edit further.

Three, From experiences of our China cap factory, after completing the second step to weave the bank again, the second time to twist and twist, the twist to whole twist, twist off after 6 on the needle. The above picture is not twist, but you can follow the twist to weave.

Four, woven six lines and then again to twist twist, for the third time in weaving to line 6 last four needles, and the seventh line of the 4 pin twist twist, the four needles in the above, then woven needle under eight, this round of 8 needles are plain, 8 pin twist twist, twist to all the right twist, twist the start narrowing.

Five, China cap factory overview, narrowing the twist twist together with the adjacent jersey, a circle of 12 needle, 48 needle for the fourth time when she was left twist twist, right, left armhole, the twist and twist below, a ring of 6 pins, a total of 24, needle, and 1 2 needle, the remaining 12 needle strings do line up the ball.

The bove 5 steps of weaving mens hat is a basic way of how making a hat, it’s complicated way but it’s the normal way to make a cap, anyone who interests of handmaking, should have a try!

How to clean headgears?

Hat and caps should pay attention to maintenance and custody, when you taking a hat off, don’t mess with it and it should be hung on the coat rack, or peg, don’t heavy pressure above the hat, so as to avoid its shape deformation. When a Hat is worn longtime , inside and outside of hat there will be oil, dirt and you should wash off in time. Cap lining can remove the wash, and then stretched, lest sweat dirt on the cap lining be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, affecting the service life of the hat.

Hat will often brush, adhesion in the cap on the surface of the sludge, oil dirties, in such situation, you can use soft brush dipped in hot, soapy water gently scrub, rinse off with clear water again. When washing hat, you can find a same size and the hat round cans or porcelain bowl, put on a hat again and wash, so as not to go out of form.

Hat collection, when someone want ot collect a hat well, first want to brush away dirt, wash away dirt, bask in the sun for a while, and then with a paper bag, and in the hat-box, stored in ventilated and dry place.
With soft brush, grinding brushing (special) on the surface of some of the suit or hand wash (wash), absolutely can’t bubble.

We,professional China cap factory advise you: Regarding the shade to dry, do not wash the caps and hats using washing machine together with other clothes. it’s afraid of harden can properly use “clothing fabric softener”, will be more fluffy, complaisant agent knockoffs but note that some can cause discoloration. Afraid of variant can dry clean in plastic bag or plastic bag is good enough newspaper filled inside put them clean place to bask in one to two hours later.

When drying time please don’t use clip, but you can use central round rod method hold up hat (are big enough, or deformation). Must use lotion, wei Lou’s not bad. Water temperature at room temperature 35 degrees or so, the best is gently squeezed with the hand, don’t rub, twist. A bit better with centrifugal dehydration, too much water hat did feel a sting.
Summary of our Chinese cap factory, don’t put the caps and hats onto washing machine, if you do the hat will become a cake, and the cap will also fade, hat is stereo shape, so the most taboo in the washing machine to rush on, wash, right or left handed. Ensure rub into dumplings, also don’t brush, with the hand rub, don’t have to twist dry, let it dry naturally and then the hats will be good

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How to choose a baby hat?

We, China hat factory Here introduces, as mothers, buying hats for baby, there are a lot of exquisite of choose and buy, for baby hat is not so simple that choosing just for the sake of being beautiful , such as the reasons that you need to choose a hat for the baby to keep warm and healthy, that is very important.

1. Choosing baby hats, better to choose some large baby hats general according to the head circumference of baby 1-2 cm, or head circumference of 0.3 cm diameter magnification is suitable; Size appropriate to relax, the purpose is to prevent the baby hat too close to the child’s head, and prevent impact wear after the contraction band. Baby hat is 42 ~ 48 cm, beanie 50 to 55 cm.Regarding caps and hats sizes, please click here:cap size to see more.

2. Choosing a baby hat , mothers better should choose some hats with soft, light and warmth retention property good materials as top priority, the hats should not be too tight, should be loose, should not be too thick too, otherwise it will hinder the scalp blood circulation, affect the growth of the head. Choosing for baby hat can be no gender distinction, but can be measured in order to beautiful.

3. To choose and buy the baby hat, according to different season in winter should choose warmth retention property good hats,which can cover ears of baby’s, such as cotton padded cap, fur hats, bonnet, etc. In summer you can choose thin fabrics, color slants cold, partial light baby wide brim hat, such as sunny caps, straw hats, fabric of various tourism hat. Age season can choose some knitted caps, wool knitting hat, man baby hats, etc. School children should be wearing a yellow hat, yellow is stronger for visual stimulation, is very smart and can avoid the happening of the accident. These hats are all very excellent Chindren caps.You can click here: Children cap China to see more details.

4. Overal speaking from our Chinese cap factory , the choose and buy a baby hat colors should be bright, this is not only for beauty, but safe, and with the child activity, to play when the security is poor, In this case,wearing a colorful hat, more eye-catching, to a certain extent, reduce accident.

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