5 most popular hats for online shopping

There are many kinds of hats in the world actually, when you are shopping at the mall, you can directly the see the hats according to thier apperances to make a choice, but in online shopping, we usually need to choose according to the types of hats. Because all the hats are categoried by many kinds of styles.Below 5 styles of hats are most polular on online shopping, I hope this introduction from our China cap manufacturer can be helpful for those who wants to buy caps online.

1. Baseball cap
Baseball cap is what we see at ordinary times most, also is a kind of hat the joker type, we will see in any season corresponding baseball cap, whether sport or fashion series are everywhere. Product brand also has a lot of baseball cap, usually as long as it is a product of hat company will certainly have a baseball cap. You can buy from us the most good quality baseball cap wholesale China.
2. Fleece hat
Our Chinese hat factory introdues that, hat is mostly used in winter to keep warm hat, wool hat takes the form of knitting, such a hat style is very fashionable, and in the winter also is belong to the effect of no use.
3.Sun hat
Sun Hat from the name it is a very broad concept, because the sun contains hat looks like there are a lot of, can sunshade cap should be classified as sun hat. But we usually refer to sun hat refers to the surrounding brim hat is very big, shading of the overall effect is very good, such as wide brim beach cap belongs to the 3.typical sunbonnet, at the same time, the sun hat, also known as the sun hat, is the main purpose of this is because most of the sun to shade.
4.Gentle Hat. This Hat long ago spread into China from the west, the people of those days with a suit, wearing a hat as a symbol of the identity, but with the development and progress of The Times, through the improvement and design of this hats again, hat and increased a lot of novel design and fashionable element, make the whole of the hat is more suitable for the development of the trend.
5. beret
We, China cap factory, finally introduces the berets. the origin of the beret firstly come from the military, even now some of the military are still in wearing a beret, as some women have to wear is beret, there are some fashion crowd will choose beret to decorate yourself. Beret style belongs to the joker wind, and the overall design is very fashionable and halfback

Overal speaking , this 5 kinds of hats are most polular in nowadays online shopping, from the ebay and amazon, you can see many of them categoried by the hats, when you decide to buy a hat online, you should have a clear idea of what you are really looking for.