How to make an order of wholesale caps and hats?

How to make a deal of wholesale caps and hats? How to import caps and hats from other countries? Cap factory here teach you, there are many considerations you must pay attentions on caps and hats wholesale, hats wholesaling is similar to other cargo , especially apparel wholesale, communication between wholesalers and manufacturers is the first consideration among of many places where need to be aware of. Below are the 3 points important for caps hats wholesaling, just take a look.

 1. To assure the quality of the hats and caps.

 Because the hat in the end is to sell to consumers, so must be very attention on the quality of the hat, whe you try to make a wholesale cap order,firstly you should try to choose large manufacturers, when choosing large hats manufacturers they will have a guarantee in quality and style. Like our China cap factory :, who have been exporting countless caps and hats to many countries, especially in US and EU market, clients can click here : wholesale cap China to see some of our old clients.

 2. Sample/Model corresponding with practical initial design

 Before making the bulk of order,the hats wholesale factory usually would provide a final confirmed sample, if clients were satisfied with the sample, vendors can batch production, which requires the need to pay attention to when hat wholesale sample is matched with actual design or your artwork provided.When you are making some complicated styles, normally customer need to provide the first design artwork,stating the specifications of the size, demensions, logo, pictures, application of logo or designs so that our manufacturer can make a sample first, then accroding to next further instructions of clients and revise the sample agian and agian till final sample approved.As we have 15 years of experience in this industry, normally client provides us a logo ok, we will make all the rest things well to you.

 3. Pay attention to the hot styles on Wholesale caps and hats

Overall speaking, cutomers should pay attention to the hot styles of caps and hats, which is suitable to the current season and fashion, making the hat wholesale orders consistent with the current trends of design, selecting the hot styles of caps and hats, such ability can attract consumers to buy. Customer can also pay attention to the trend direction now, fashion sense is very strong factor on hat. In addition to these, on the question of hat wholesale many needs to be aware of, such as transportation, delivery time and how much cargo. We have our cooperated well forwarder as have been exporting caps and hats over decade, so competitive pricing, fast delivery, well packed conditions will be provided , for sure.All you need to to , is to contact us for one – stop-shop! Just enjoy your on line wholesale journey!

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